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GPG Business Advisory is a tax, accounting and business consulting firm located in North Lakes, Queensland.

We help business owners Generate, Protect, & Grow their wealth and improve financial wellbeing.


We can provide you with all the traditional tax accounting services you would expect as well as management accounting and business coaching services designed to improve and grow your business. We work with small to mid-sized business owners in North Lakes, Brisbane and Nationwide. We develop a deep understanding of your individual circumstances in order to help you achieve your business, financial and personal goals.

I am so excited to be launching GPG Business Advisory in the business hub of North Lakes in North Brisbane. There is much growth in this area and small business are at the forefront of making this region a thriving place to call home. I started my practice, Johnson Accounting in 2011 with a handful of loyal clients who I am happy to say are still with me today. Rebranding in 2019 to GPG Business Advisory has allowed the firm to fully represent our core philosophy of helping business owners to Generate, Protect and Grow their wealth and financial wellbeing. We understand that knowing your numbers can not only help business be successful in generating income but also contribute to your larger goals in life around peace of mind, family and lifestyle. Through our experienced staff and reliable network of business experts, GPG Business Advisory aims to be the central “make my life easier” hub for all our clients by connecting them to the right advice, the right systems and the right people.

Brett Johnson

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